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Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions based on topics :-

The below links contain list of questions asked in Java Interviews. Short, Crisp and to the point. Would help to brush up and prepare for interviews. Click on the links and navigate to individual topics below and go prepared!

1. General Questions about Java. Jdk, Jre…

Basic Questions about Java Environment

2. Java Strings

Questions related to String, String Buffer and String Builder

3. Object Oriented Programming

Understand the Object Oriented Programming concepts

4. Advanced Object Oriented Concepts

Questions on Polymorphism, Encapsulation etc.

5. Access Modifiers

Questions about public, private, protected, default, etc.

6. Exception Handling

Questions about exception handling and best practices while implementing exception handling

7. Wrapper Classes

Questions about Wrapper classes, Boxing, Casting, etc.

8. Miscellaneous Topics

Questions about miscellaneous topics like Garbage Collection, Serialization, Static blocks, etc.

9. Collections

Questions about one of the most asked interview topic i.e., Collections

10. Advanced Collections

Questions about advanced collections like Concurrent HashMap, CopyOnWriteArrayList, etc.

11. Generics

Questions about Generics and its implementation

12. Functional Programming with Lambda Expressions and Streams

Questions about Streams, Lambda expressions and its usage