How to configure Servlet Filters?


How to configure Servlet Filters?

Ninja Asked on 19th September 2018 in Servlet.
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A filter is defined either via the @WebFilter annotation or in the deployment descriptor using the <filter> element. In this element, the following elements are used:

  • filter-name: used to map the filter to a servlet or URL
  • filter-class: used by the container to identify the filter type
  • init-params: initialization parameters for a filter

The container will instantiate exactly one instance of the Java class defining the filter per filter declaration in the deployment descriptor.

Here is an example of a filter declaration:





Once a filter has been declared in the deployment descriptor, the <filter-mapping> element is used to define servlets and static resources in the Web application to which the filter is to be applied





Here the Logging Filter is applied to all the servlets and static content pages in the Web application, because every request URI matches the ‘/*’ URL pattern.

Ninja Answered on 19th September 2018.
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