Explain the life cycle of Stateless Session Bean.


Explain the life cycle of Stateless Session Bean.

Ninja Asked on 18th September 2018 in EJB 3.x.
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The life cycle of a stateless session bean has two states:

  1. Does not exist
  2. Method ready pool

The container typically creates and maintains a pool of stateless session beans, marking the beginning of the stateless session bean’s lifecycle. The container performs any dependency injection and then invokes the method annotated @PostConstruct, if it exists. The bean is now ready to have its business methods invoked by a client. At the end of the lifecycle, the container calls the method annotated with @PreDestroy, if it exists. The bean’s instance is then ready for garbage collection.

The life cycle of stateless session bean can be understood with the following diagram.

Ninja Answered on 18th September 2018.
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